Clean carpet can truly do wonders for the appearance of your home. If your carpet looks and feels less than immaculate, it can put you in a bad mood. This is why it’s important to call our company Clean N Fresh for the finest professional carpet cleaning service around. Our company focuses on A+ carpet cleaning work and A+ customer service. The customer is always right here at Clean N Fresh.

Deep carpet cleaning is our strength here. If your poor carpet seems wrecked with stains and odors and looks generally lifeless, we can turn the situation around. Our cleaning pros go deep down into your carpet to help it regain the beauty it had that first drew you to it. We are also proud to offer eco-friendly products. Please ask about this option when you call.

The carpet cleaning technicians at Clean N Fresh have great training and experience on their sides. They also have a lot of experience using innovative and first-rate cleaning products. The cleaning products they use are tops, no denying that.

The cleaning products we use not only are modern, advanced and impressive, but they’re also beyond safe. If you fret over cleaning products and formulas that are perhaps unsafe and harsh, we’ll wow you with our gentle and reliable options. At Clean N Fresh, nothing is more valuable than the comfort of our customers.

When you’re searching for top-notch professional carpeting cleaning services, Clean N Fresh is the perfect business choice. It’s also the perfect business choice for people who are enthusiastic about fine customer service. When it comes to excellent customer service, our company is always top dog.

For a free home consultation and demonstration of our residential carpet services, call on us at 516-669-2510 to meet with one of our professional technicians.


We’ll help you get your carpet bright and clean. All you have to do is Make The Appointment!



At this time, we will do a walkthrough of your home with you, taking note of your areas of concern. I will tell you which spots you can expect to come out and which ones may be permanent.

FURNITURE MOVINGmovinf-furniture

We will move a couple pieces for you at no charge. Large items such as: beds, dressers, and televisions will not be moved. Please have these items moved prior to our arrival if you would like them cleaned underneath. In general, large pieces that have never been moved aren’t subjected to regular foot traffic, so a simple vacuuming would do just fine.

SET UPtruck-setup

Once we have your approval to get started, we’ll place moving blankets to protect your hard surface flooring from any equipment we bring into your home. At this time, corner guards will be placed to protect your walls from any of the hoses we use during the cleaning process.


We will apply a pre-spray solution to all areas of your carpeting that are going to be cleaned. This solution loosens the soils away from the fibers, allowing them to be flushed away.This safe solution takes care of nearly all of the soiling and spots on your carpet. Any remaining spots will be treated once this step is complete.


Depending on the soil level of your home, we may use a carpet groomer or rotary machine to help further loosen the soil from your carpets.


Once the pre-treatment is allowed proper dwell time, your carpet is rinsed with de-ionized water. This water is so pure that it has no minerals left, leaving your carpets softer than ever before. This is very important, as we never use any detergents through our machine that will cause rapid re-soiling.

POST SPOT TREATMENT carpet-stain-removal

Any spots that didn’t come out during our normal cleaning procedure will be taken care of at this time. Most of these spots will be from an artificial dye such as Kool-Aid. There is a small additional charge for removing these spots. Please note that they are sometimes permanent.


Your carpeting will be groomed to remove any wand markings and also to promote faster drying. Typical drying time is about 3 hours.


We will do a walkthrough of your home with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.