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Huntington, Copiague, Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY – Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Let Clean-n-Fresh help to rejuvenate your hardwood floors throughout your home or office. Our proven technique will strip the embedded dirt and grime. We will make your hardwood floors shine again. Your hardwood floors with proper care will look like new, years after installation.

Clean-n-Fresh will provide the latest technique in stripping, scrubbing, and refinishing of your wood flooring.  Your hardwood floors will always be cleaned and stripped by a certified technician. We first sweep your floors to remove dry dirt and debris. Next, we use a rotary scrubber to help strip the embedded dirt residue. We follow up our scrubbing and stripping with a neutralizer. Then finally we apply our commercial grade refinisher leaving a beautiful shine.

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning and refinishing can be an affordable alternative to replacement. We recommend a cleaning and recoating of your hardwood floor every 2 – 3 years for high traffic areas.

Let us bring back the luster and shine in your hardwood floors. We want to help preserve your wood flooring for years to come. Give us a call today to setup your Free in home cleaning estimate.


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