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Huntington, Copiague, Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY – Professional Carpet Protection

Carpet maintenance is a very important to increase the lifespan of your household carpets. There are three steps that should be taken to accomplish that goal.

  • The first step that household should do is routine vacuuming. By routinely vacuuming, you remove dust and dirt from the carpet surface but also you influence the cleanliness of the air you breathe.
  • The second step is to have your carpets cleaned by Clean – n – Fresh Carpet Cleaning. We advise you to do it semiannually or annually, depending on the density of the traffic in your home.
  • The third step is the re-application carpet protector. This step is just as important as the previous two. Therefore, our Long Island carpet cleaning service, Clean-N-Fresh, uses only one brand of carpet protector – Scotchgard. We found it – the best and product quality is an essential part in delivering only the best for our clients.

Scotchgard creates a protective coating around the individual carpet fibers making it harder for dirt, dust, and germs to get in and damage it. It is applied to new or freshly cleaned carpets that are dry or wet. Carpet Protector will not change your carpets appearance. Once applied your carpets will take approximately two to six hours to dry.

Scotchgard helps in the fighting against stains & spots. Its protective barrier helps keep liquids from bonding to the carpet fibers. Although, it is still possible to soil the carpet, Scotchgard protection decreases the probability of a stain becoming permanent. Yearly reapplication on residential carpets, upholstery and rugs is a great practice to help increase their lifespan throughout your home. Of course, if you have high traffic in your home, Clear-N-Fresh recommends reapplication every six months to maintain and revitalize protection.


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