When your carpet gets dirty, you know that it must be cleaned. Your carpet will become dirty due to dust particles, dirt, and debris that fly in and land onto your carpet as a result of your daily activities. For instance, if you cook a meal in your kitchen, oil particles will spatter and end up landing into your carpet fibers! Even if your kitchen is not too close to a carpeted area of your home, well that doesn’t matter. These particles can fly pretty far.

Think about when you open and close your doors that lead to the outside. Particles from the outdoors will fly in and also land on your carpet! Even if you don’t wear shoes on your carpets! They still get very dirty. This is why it is essential for it to be professionally cleaned once a year. However, there are ways to maintain your carpet so it stays relatively clean in between the times you have it cleaned by professional cleaners.

Vacuuming at least once a week is one way to keep the surface areas clean. However, many people find it to be inconvenient to lug the vacuum around, and it is understandable that they would feel that way. The good news is there are other methods to maintain your carpet’s cleanliness without having to lug the vacuum around. Even though it is still necessary to vacuum your carpet once a week, you can use these other methods to clean your carpet during the week if you do not want to vacuum again until you must. Let’s talk about 3 different ways to clean your carpet without having to use a vacuum:


If you really hate using the vacuum too often, you can use the sticky large tape roller, which is called a Roll-O-Vac to roll around on your carpet to collect the dust and dirt from the surface. These rollers work best on clothing, furniture, and harder surfaces but it can be used on carpeting as well.

Carpet Sweeper

You can most definitely use a carpet sweeper every now and then if you don’t want to lug the vacuum around. Bissell makes several brands, and in fact, this type of cleaner has been around since the late 1800’s.

Broom and Beat your Carpet

Before the vacuum was even a real thing, which became one in 1907 it was common for homeowners to sweep the floors and then beat the dust after. A carpet beater still works for carpeting that is not fitted. This is a very old-fashioned way to clean carpeting, but some people still use this method.

Like it was mentioned before, you still need to vacuum at least once a week and get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. You can have it professionally serviced every 2 years if you want to really stretch it. However, in order to keep your carpet maintained in between the times of vacuuming, these 3 methods will help remove dust and surface dirt from the carpets.