If you’re the delighted owner of a stunning rug in your home but don’t have the expertise necessary to clean it properly, call us at Clean N Fresh for our professional assistance. Our company provides the finest service of area rug cleaning in Long Island. We also provide customer service that’s just as awe-inspiring. If you’re interested in great customer care, we’re indeed for you. We have serviced countless clients in the past who have been incredibly happy with the results that were from our work!

Area Rug Cleaning Long Island

Area rugs that are Indian, Oriental, Pakistani or any handmade and woolen rugs need to be cleaned delicately, or else they will be ruined if they are not cleaned with care. Clean N Fresh will deliver your rugs for free of charge to the plant to be washed with effective and safe methods, and with special care. That means you absolutely never have to worry about any kind of risk for discoloration, shrinkage and any other damages. Please give us a call so your rugs can be professionally cleaned.

When you call on our company, you don’t have to risk ruining the condition of the fragile and exquisite rug on your living room floor. Our rug cleaning methods are careful, diligent and attentive. If you want to make sure your rug stays in pristine condition after cleaning, Clean N Fresh won’t dash your hopes. That is our promise to you!

Why You Can Rely on Our Area Rug Cleaning in Long Island?

The skilled technicians who work for us are all trained in the delicate and varied cleaning requirements of rugs of all varieties. Whether your lovely rug has a big stain on it or just needs an overall sprucing up, our technicians know exactly what to do. Our staff members are all very experienced in rug cleaning service.

If you’re scared about professional cleaning negatively affecting your gorgeous rug, don’t be. Our technicians use top-tier contemporary equipment and gentle cleaning products that will never harm your rug ever. When you give us your rug for cleaning service, it’s always in safe hands. We will treat your precious rugs as if they are own!

A dependable professional area rug cleaning in Long Island is easy to find since Clean N Fresh is around. If your rug could definitely use some thorough cleaning work, contact us for appointment information. Our attitude toward fabulous customer service is passionate and full of zeal. We want our customers to smile and be thrilled with our quality of work.

Check What Our clients Say About Us!

Our main goal is that each and every one of our clients are satisfied with not only the work we perform but their overall experience as well. 
We want you to be truly blown away so that you will tell your friends, family, and co-workers. We are commited to mainting our 100% carpet cleaning Long Island customer satisfaction.