Tiles are one of the most preferred flooring options. There are various types of tiles available in the market from different patterns to different sizes. They have a huge significance as they boost up the appeal of any room. But parallelly, grout also holds equal importance, as they equally contribute to boosting the appeal. Hence, it becomes more important to clean the grouts as well. But for that, you need a proper grout cleaner tool and products. 

Have a look at the grout cleaner tool and products, and then check the following instruction to clean your tile and grout surface, yourself.

Grout cleaning equipment and products

Note: Grouts are porous in nature, it clearly means that after some time it can dry out and crumble, especially if it wasn’t applied well in the first place. Because of this, you should do a spot test before using any of the following tools, products or methods. 

Effective Grout-Cleaning Tools and Products

Here are some of the most popular options. Mostly grout cleaning tools are inexpensive, and many of the products you’ll need can be easily found in your kitchen. 

Tools To Clean Grouts

  • A grout-cleaning brush 
  • An old toothbrush
  • A small chisel tool
  • A steamer

Products To Clean Grouts

You can easily get a heavy-duty grout cleaner, but it is very easy to make your own grout cleaning solution. Moreover, it is always a good idea to make your own cleaning solution using organic ingredients. This promotes green cleaning and also make your home safe for everyone in the house. 

Organic Solutions for DIY Cleaning

Vinegar and water: Make a solution of one part of vinegar and one part of the water in a spray bottle. This is the most simple and quick cleaning solution in DIY cleaning. 

Note: This cannot be used if you have stone walls, floors, or tiles in your shower or bathroom.

Baking soda and liquid detergent: Give your grimy grout a boost using a paste made of a ½ cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. 

Note: Add more dishwashing liquid if your paste starts to dry out. 

Baking soda and water: Here, you can skip the detergent and mix two parts of baking soda with one part water to make a paste. 

Note: When you are shifting to more powerful products or commercial cleaners, you’ll need to know which cleaners should never be mixed.

Cleaning the grout

Steps on How to Clean Grout

Follow the instructions given below to perform DIY tile and grout cleaning solution. Grab your grout cleaner tool and before starting don’t forget to spot test! 

  1. Firstly, apply your DIY cleaner to the grouts.
  2. Now leave it for some time, let the solution sit. As vinegar needs at least 30 minutes to work, whilst the baking soda solutions only need 10 to 15 minutes to work.
  3. Now, gently scrub the grout lines using a toothbrush, grout-cleaning brush, or chisel tool.
  4. Once you are done, rinse off the surface with water.
  5. If your grout remains still dingy, you need to use the more powerful grout-cleaning technique.

These were some DIY tips on grout cleaning. These methods will help you shine the grouts, but for deep cleaning, you need to call in the professionals. Call Clean N Fresh to take care of your grimy grouts, so you can have a good time with your family. 

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