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Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning in Hempstead, NY

Clean N Fresh serves in many locations in Nassau County, New York such as in beautiful Hempstead. Our carpet cleaning formulas are incredibly advanced, and when you hire us to professionally clean your carpeting, your carpet will be dry in only one to two hours! Our company is the most trusted residential or commercial carpet cleaning in Hempstead, NY, and we have cleaned more than one billion square feet of carpet on a yearly basis!

Why do you need a professional carpet cleaning service to steam clean your carpeting anyway since you clean your floors by vacuuming several times a week?

You may be horrified to know that the vacuuming you do every few days will only clean the surface of your carpeting. Your carpet may appear to be clean after a thorough vacuuming job, but the real dirt is embedded into the fibers of the carpet which the vacuum cannot touch.

This kind of dirt is the grime that has settled into the carpeting over the course of the years through tracking in mud from outdoors, as well as bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants from other areas of the home. The fibers trap the crud and that is how your carpets end up dirtier than you would have ever imagined. Therefore, you may end up becoming sick with respiratory ailments as a result, or at the very least have allergy flare-ups even after taking antihistamines.

Unless you have had your carpets professionally cleaned, they will be very dirty ridden with bacteria and as well as other crud no matter how many times they have been vacuumed.

Not to mention, manufacturers of the carpeting you have in your home or office instruct you to have them professionally cleaned every one to two years in order to maintain the warranty.

We are not only the leader in the carpet cleaning industry, but our company used eco-friendly methods to extract more dirt and grime from carpeting for a deeper clean without having to use any unknown chemicals! That is right, no unusual chemicals are used during our cleaning process that will make you wonder what kind of toxins may be left in your home or office that you could be breathing in.

Our non-toxic main carpet cleaning product is safe for use in homes with allergy sufferers, babies as well as with pets.

We can promise you that we use natural cleaning products that will form millions of small bubbles to penetrate your carpeting and bring out the dirt that has settled to the surface so it can be removed easier.

Our carpet cleaning system only uses a small fraction of the amount that steam cleaning uses. Therefore, your carpets will get that deep clean and will dry much faster!

If you are in the Hempstead area and are looking for professional carpet cleaning services, we will help you and provide you the services you absolutely need. Having carpeting that is professionally cleaned will freshen up your home or office, and you and your family will end up feeling better too!

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