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Clean N Fresh promises the highest quality carpet cleaning in Huntington NY. We will make a promise to you about the fact that we only use carpet cleaning formulas that are very professional, not to mention advanced. In other words, when you are inquiring about our services, we are going to let you know that your carpeting will be professionally cleaned, being left sparking clean, and will take no more than two hours to dry. Clean N Fresh is number one when it comes to the carpet cleaning companies in Huntington, NY. We clean over a billion square feet of carpeting each year for business and homeowners because they are pleased with our professionalism.

You are probably wondering right now why having your carpets professionally cleaned is even worth doing since you are making sure that your carpets are vacuumed a few times a week. Especially if you are doing such a thorough vacuum job that your carpets look as good as new once they are done.

The truth is, vacuuming your carpets several times a week is recommended because the dirt that inevitably lands on your carpet surface has to be removed. Otherwise, if it is not, then it will settle into your carpet fibers and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, please do not stop vacuuming. We are just saying vacuuming is not enough to keep your carpets clean.

Here is the gross truth. Whenever you are closing and opening your doors or windows from outside, the pollutants from outdoors end up coming into your home, and in the end will settle into your carpet fibers. That ends up creating a breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, and other gross stuff to grow. Whether you have a rule about not wearing shoes indoors or not is irrelevant. Crud gets in from outside and you cannot see it, smell it or feel it. It’s microscopic.

Another factor to keep in mind about is when you are cooking in your kitchen, oil particles from the stove will go into the air and land on your floors, and also end up settling. There is no point in even being overly truthful about the bacteria that comes out of your bathroom which ends up settling into the fibers of your carpet. You now have a clear picture of why vacuuming your carpet is not enough and why having a professional cleaning is a must!

Not to mention, if you or your children are frequently coming down with respiratory ailments and/or are allergy sufferers, this is is the reason. Especially if you or your kids are not any healthier even after doing a thorough vacuum.

Now you understand why you absolutely have to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year, and not to go longer than two years without a cleaning. If you have young children and/or pets, then you know that dirt will be tracked in a lot more. It doesn’t matter how quickly you clean up spills that they make either. It still gets dirty, and in that case you have to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least every six months!

In addition to that, your carpet manufacturer requires you to have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly so your warranty can be kept.

Clean N Fresh makes a promise to you that the carpet will be sparkling clean once the job is done. We also use eco-friendly cleaning products, so there is no need to worry about any weird chemicals being used. Everything we use is non-toxic, and is safe to be used in homes with babies, pets and those who suffer from allergies.

If your home or office is in Huntington, NY, give us a call and we can help you out! That is our promise to you.

Carpet Cleaning in Huntington NY

This video was taken while we were working on a job in Huntington, NY. It shows our professional dry steam carpet cleaning process and a very happy customer who gave us a great review for providing the best service.
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