We love doing a good tile cleaning job. We were fortunate to test out the CRB, which does excellent work on tile floors to get out stains, dirt and grime. Other carpet cleaners like Truman Steemers are praising its scrubbing effectiveness.

Video: Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services: Scrubbing


We use the CRB to do some strong scrubbing before we clean the tiles. Check out the video below to see how effective the CRB was for us to use.

Video: Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services: Remove Dirt & Grime


After completing the scrub, we can then remove dirt and grime particles effectively. You can see the difference in this video.

If you would like to have some professional tile cleaning done to your residential or commercial property, get in touch with us today.

We know how horrified and tired you are of facing that dirt and grime that has been building up in your tile and grout over a period of time. We also know how frustrated you are about the fact that no matter what you do to clean it up, you have not been able to accomplish anything. Your tile and grout are just as dirty as it was before you attempted to clean it.

Well, you no longer need to worry. Our professional cleaners are here to take care of that job for you and will leave your tile and grout sparkling clean, just like it was after installation.