Not only can we clean the carpet and tile in your home, but we can clean your office or business as well. We offer annual commercial carpet cleaning services or we can put together a maintenance plan for your office to keep the carpet looking great year round. Regular professional cleaning will keep a cleaner work environment, and protect the investment of your carpet.

We specialize in hospitality and restaurant carpet cleaning. In the restaurant and hospitality business, having a clean environment can play a key role in the success of your business. Cleanliness can be the difference of a client choosing a competitor over your business. This is something we greatly understand and we have cleaning programs that will cater to your needs. We can advise and educate you on how to keep your flooring in the best shape possible along with providing the professional cleaning services to make this happen.

Carpet cleaning frequencies can range from monthly cleanings to bi-annual and everything in between. Every facility has their own carpet cleaning needs to ensure that you not only wow your clientele but keep a clean and safe environment for your staff as well. We urge you to contact us and schedule an estimate and walk through of your business or facility.

Benefits to commercial carpet cleaning include the following:

  • Company image. We understand how important the image for a business is, and we have maintenance plans that will ensure your office carpet, upholstery or tile will stay looking cleaning and fresh.
  • Reduce sick days. Carpet filters a lot the dirt, and bacteria we bring into our office environment. Regular cleaning will remove a lot of the dirt and bacteria from your office space, and improve the indoor air quality.
  • Protecting your investment. Flooring & textiles are a large investment for any business. Carpet is replaced on average every 7-10 years, but maintaining can extend the life of carpet 50-70% longer.
  • Saving money. Clean N Fresh offers discounts for higher frequent cleanings. In short you will pay less per cleaning having your carpet cleaned more often than you would if you only cleaned annually.
  • Office upholstery. Yes we clean office upholstery as well. Whether you have office chairs or waiting room sofas we can take care of any upholstery cleaning need.

Did you know we can clean fabric panels/cubical fabric as well? Fabric panels get dusty, dirty and even sometimes spots and dribbles. We can clean them while they’re separated, or put together. Either way, our fast drying process will make sure they’re ready to use quickly.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

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