New York has plenty of commercial setups, and it is a known fact that the commercial setups are required to provide with the best appearance in the state. Because of this fact, the natural stones used for flooring such as marble are meant to enhance the appearance of the setup. Even though it helps in providing a beautiful appearance, maintaining and cleaning marble flooring is a difficult task. Not to mention, harsh chemicals must be avoided to be in contact with the marble because otherwise, the flooring will be damaged.

Unfortunately, chemicals that are known to damage marble flooring frequently do come in contact with it- given the fact that customers will accidentally spill acidic or alkaline based substances on it, as well as the grime and dirt that they frequently bring in from outdoors when they are talking on the floor. But the good news is, Clean N Fresh provides commercial marble cleaning services for your business. We will professionally clean your marble flooring, and restore them back to how they originally appeared after being installed!

It is suggested the marble flooring professionally cleaned at least once a year. Clean N Fresh makes a promise to you that your marble flooring will be taken care of during the cleaning process, and your flooring will be treated the same way as we would treat our own. We have a systematic approach developed towards the marble polishing, and because of this, the durability and its shine can be maintained for a very long time.

We will apply the right restoration techniques, and we always make sure that the flooring is analyzed in the right way. Then the best course of action will be developed. We also professionally clean other natural stones such as granite and terrazzo.

We not only provide stone cleaning and restoration services to the commercial setups. We provide the same services to restaurants and other businesses. If you need to have your marble professionally cleaned for your business, give us a call and we will provide you with a free quote- and there are no obligations. We are looking forward to helping you out!

Commercial Marble Cleaning
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