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Have you been frustrated by the fact that no matter how hard you try to clean the tile and grout at your office – whether it is in the restrooms, kitchen or hallways the results are always disappointing? You have tried using products that marketers have claimed to effectively clean tile and grout at your office, but after strenuous scrubbing, you were disappointed by the results?

That is because you simply cannot clean tiles and grout at your office, or anywhere for that matter. You need to hire a professional commercial tile cleaner to do the job effectively, and properly. Not to mention, business owners must have their tiles professionally cleaned. The reason is that deep cleaning your tile and grout can increase the coefficient of friction by up to 35%, which decreases the risk of falls and slips for your customers and employees due to the fact that traction is increasing. That means less of a chance of anyone filing lawsuits. Not to mention, you want to have your tile, grout and other hard surfaces at your office have an appearance like it originally had when the facility was brand new.

Clean N Fresh offers business owners commercial tile cleaning services that will remove years of dirt build-up from your tile and grout at your entryway, restroom dining room and kitchen areas caused by foot traffic. Our certified technicians will develop a plan for your tile and grout care that will not only extend the life of your asset but also will drastically improve your image, as well as the safety of your facility.

The way it works is that firstly, we inspect your tiled areas to determine the best method to use to do the cleaning. And then after that, we pre-spray soiled areas by using state-of-the-art cleaning products. After that has been completed, we use shielded high-pressure cleaning and extraction in order to remove ground-in soil, as well as dirt and debris. We also clean corners and baseboards, and then we make sure that all tiled areas in your office or facility are completely dried. Then the job is done, and we will guarantee that you will be very happy with our commercial tile cleaning services. If you are in need of our services, give us a call today so we can give you a free-quote!

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