Many people really fail to understand the importance of having their carpets professionally cleaned, and as a result, a large portion of homeowners and business owners do not even bother to consider having their carpets steam cleaned. That is because they believe it is not crucial. Especially if they are religiously vacuuming their floors several times a week.

When they see that their floors look clean and have those vacuum tracks all across their carpets – they believe that the carpet is now completely cleaned and the idea of having their carpets cleaned even further is not even a thought.

But what if they were to know that if anyone walks on their carpet from the outside is tracking in not only pollutants and other chemicals, but are tracking bacteria in from feces? Even if they don’t think they are walking on animal poop, well they are because the bacteria found in poop is all over the ground without anyone knowing. Therefore, they could be tracking that into your home and on your carpet. Do you still think that a simple vacuum job can remove that? Nope. It cannot. Because the bacteria and other pollutants from outdoors that are tracked in from people’s shoes immediately settles into the carpet fibers. Therefore, your carpet is immediately dirty and no amount of vacuuming can remove that.

Even if you have a no-shoes rule, where you have people take their shoes off as soon as they enter your home in the foyer- your carpet is still dirty. It has nothing to do with accidental spills that have happened on the carpet over time. Even if you immediately cleaned them up. That does leave dirt behind. However, whenever you cook, bacteria from cooking and from oils do end up settling into the carpet. Whenever you flush the toilet, bacteria makes its way onto the carpet too because it all flies into the air.

Whether or not you have a no-shoes rule, your carpets are very dirty and bacteria-ridden that is full of E Coli and Salmonella! That is unless you have had it professionally cleaned and the bet is, no you have not.

You need to have your carpet cleaned at least once a year, and sooner if you have small children and/or pets. The way it works is that the carpet cleaning company will inspect your carpet, and move the furniture. They will treat the soiled areas and then do their steam cleaning which extracts all of the dirt and debris that have been deep in the fibers. After the cleaning is done, they will go back and make sure there is no residue left behind and care for areas that may have been missed. Then they allow the carpet to dry, and then will put the furniture back in place. Not to mention, getting your carpets cleaned professionally will prolong the life as well.

You still need to vacuum to remove surface dirt, but a deep steam cleaning is needed as well and after reading this, you are probably ready to start calling professional carpet cleaners. Just be sure that when you are looking for the right professional to clean your carpets, you are looking for a positive reputation, looking for quality and want something affordable but not too cheap. If the quote you receive is too cheap, then the company is likely skimping which will not help you at all.