You just had to replace your carpeting because it was old, and you realize you did not take the steps needed to maintain it properly while you had it. However, if so, don’t blame yourself because not many people are aware of how to properly maintain their carpeting. That is why you are reading this article that will provide you the tips you need in order to keep your carpet clean so you can live in a cleaner environment and while maintaining your carpet- you are also increasing its longevity.

1. Always use mats at the entrance and remove shoes right there. As soon as anyone enters your home from the outside, including yourself and your family, as soon as you enter the home, be sure to take your shoes off at the mat. This way any additional dirt will be kept just there and will not be brought in the home. Therefore, it is essential to implement a ‘no shoes’ rule. The shoes stay on the mat where they are to be taken off.

2. Always wear clean socks. It is just as important to wear clean socks as it is to take shoes off at the entrance. The reason wearing clean socks while walking on your carpet is crucial because of the fact that your bare feet are oily. Therefore, oils from your feet would end up on the carpet and will stain it. That will end up getting into the fibers and cause bacteria to breed. In fact, that is why it is crucial to have your carpets professionally cleaned occasionally which will be discussed later since dirt and debris get trapped in your carpet fibers from daily activities. However, keeping clean socks on your feet will reduce the amount of dirt becoming embedded into your carpets.

3. Whenever a spill happens, act fast and clean it quickly. There are different ways to clean spills depending on the substance that ended up falling on the carpet. However, in most cases, having a solution composed of white vinegar, warm water, and a small amount of dish soap will clean spills. And whenever you are cleaning spills, be sure to always use a white rag to dip into the solution so the dyes from the rag do not spill out. And whatever you do, blot with the rag and never rub as that will cause the stain to become even more embedded! You can always use baking soda as well if the substance that spilled is smelly. After cleaning it, you can sprinkle it on and allow it to soak up for 15 minutes, then vacuum.

4. Vacuum often. it is important to vacuum often such as once a week so surface dirt is removed, and make sure the bag is cleaned often!

5. Hire a professional carpet cleaner. Unfortunately, there is no amount of vacuuming that can be done that can remove the dirt and debris embedded into the carpet fibers. So it is important to get your carpet professionally cleaned once a year or every six months if you have young kids or pets. Just be sure to make sure the carpet cleaner is reputable and affordable, but not cheap because that is a sign that they cut corners.

Utilizing these tips will help you have a clean and long-lasting carpet so you don’t need to replace it nearly as often!