Summer is right around the corner, and that means the kids will be playing plenty of sports outdoors, as well as the fact that you will be barbequing quite often! Your dog will also be playing around in the backyard and once he gets back into the home, he is bringing in all kinds of allergens, pollutants and chemicals into the home. Additionally, you will be opening and closing the door to the backyard all the time by letting your dog out, and your kids will be going in and out. Also, when you are barbequing, the smoke from the cooking outside will also end up in your home.

Take one wild guess where all of the pollutants, chemicals, dirt, grime and other types of filth that are brought in from the outdoors end up! Deep inside of your carpet fibers, and that is because these fibers trap all of that as they act like a filter. The problem with that is, when all of the bad stuff from the outside is trapped, it can cause respiratory issues, as well as allergies. It is also a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and the extra dust attracts more dust mites as well. And, it makes your carpet very dirty and causes your home to appear dingy.

And, no amount of vacuuming can help you clean the carpets the way they need to be cleaned in order to remove everything that is trapped in the fibers. However, there are steps you can take to clean your carpets the way you had intended to in order to keep them squeaky clean and fresh. Let’s go over these steps now:

1. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company. This is actually the only solution as far as extracting all of the dirt along with everything else that has been trapped in your carpet for so many years. A professional carpet cleaning company will steam clean your carpet and make it fresh and clean again. Not only will the environment of your home improve, along with your health, but if you clean your carpets professionally once a year- your carpets will last you a lot longer too. Be careful when choosing a company to do this job. You want to hire an affordable company, but don’t go for cheap. That is a sign that corners will be cut, and also go with a reputable company!

2. Vacuum at least once a week. Even though vacuuming will not remove embedded dirt, it will remove surface dirt which will prevent it from becoming trapped. Use a high-quality vacuum as well and be sure to change the bag.

3. Whenever anyone comes in from outside, have them clean up. That means your kids or guests cannot walk in your home with shoes on from outside and must wear socks or indoor slippers. That also means to wipe up your dog after he comes into your home. Even if it is dry because he is carrying pollutants that will get into your carpet.

4. Don’t leave the doors open from outside. When you go outside, you must go in and out quickly to minimize how much pollutants come into your home and land on your carpet.

If you utilize these tips, then you will have well-maintained carpet that will help improve your home and health this summer!