One of the most common jobs that we get as carpet cleaners is to remove the pet odor within the home. People have cats, dogs or other pets whose odor lingers within the carpet, furniture, and the upholstery within the home. For the average New Yorker, getting the pet odor out of the property will be a very difficult task. But professional carpet cleaners have the machines, methods and know-how to eliminate pet odor within the home for the long-term.

What are some of the problems that we normally hear about?

  • The smell of dog urine in the carpet or upholstery due to dogs having accidents within the home.
  • The smell of cat urine in the carpet or upholstery due to cats having accidents within the home.
  • Pets body odor within the property.

How can you prevent pet odor within the home?

Quite often, we get people calling us about their dogs, cats or other pets urinating on the carpet, which then stains the carpet. What’s worse is that the smell remains in the carpet if it isn’t cleaned properly. Some precautions that you can take include:

  • Training your pet to urinate outdoors.
  • Training your pet to urinate in a designated area such as a litter box.
  • Washing your pets frequently.
  • Keep the pets outdoors or at least in designated areas within your property.

What can you do if pet odor is a problem within the home?

You will need to treat the carpet or upholstery to get rid of the pet odor. Keep in mind that you might need different treatments depending on the type of floor covering that you have.

If the pet odor is within rugs, you will need to get rug cleaning to get out the urine in a way where it won’t damage the rug. The cotton that is used within the rug will absorb the urine and this can be flushed out relatively easily.

For wall-to-wall carpets, where you will need to invest in carpet cleaning (so the right type of machine and removal products can be used). The odor or even the urine might soak into the sub-mats, plywood, hardwood or concrete.

For any upholstery such as couches or curtains, check out upholstery cleaning services.

Should you do it yourself or invest in a professional?

There are several blogs, websites and videos that show how you can remove pet odor, but for an effective “deep clean”, you should opt for a professional that has the equipment, chemicals, processes and recommendations to remove pet odor from your property. Furthermore, they can also advise in detail the measures you need to take to prevent pet odor from affecting your property.