It is important to clean your carpets annually or even biannually. Plan your cleaning according to the traffic and degree of damage your carpet has. Yet, there are many homeowners who feel carpet cleaning is a daunting task. Therefore, to ensure quality cleaning, find a reputable carpet cleaner. While hiring professionals, there are various factors to keep in mind. Among them, it is important to know how much does professional carpet cleaning cost.

Considering the cost factor will help you save money and time on hidden cleaning prices.

Cost of Professional Carpet Cleaning

The professional carpet cleaning prices may vary depending on the various factors including:-

1. The size of the area

200 to 400 sq. ft. home – $80 and $130

1000 to 1500 sq. ft. – $200 and $300

2000 to 3000 sq. ft. – $400 to $550

2. Stain removal method

The average cost for steam cleaner rentals – anywhere from $35 to $50 per day

Carpets are cleaned using a dry method – which averages $50-$54 per room.

3. Carpet type

Berber carpet cleaning – cost you around $10

Cut and level loop – estimated between $70 and $130

Cotton and wool – evaluated approximately $110 to $160

On average, the homeowners report paying $560 on overall house cleaning. In which, $178 is invested on professional carpet cleaning.

Two Ways The Cost of Carpet Cleaning is Estimated

1. Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Room

Cost of Carpet Cleaning

Charging cleaning cost per room means the experts will ask the payment for every room in your home having carpets. Here, the price may differ according to the company’s policy. This means they can charge you as per certain square footage. Ensure that professionals don’t increase the price by imposing more charges on square footage. Rely on the company who charges you fairly while delivering quality cleaning.

2. Cost Per Square Foot

Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

On the other hand, some professionals may charge you on a square footage basis. They visit your property for measurements and provide you with a free carpet cleaning estimate. If you own an apartment or one or two bedrooms home, then you have to pay more for additional travel and cleaning material fees. Instead, the owners of big homes will pay less, as the price is fixed.

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost? Know here!

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