Home and business owners do everything they can to keep their furniture clean, and at the same time are aware that spills and accidents will happen. What many people do who have kids and/or pets is keep their sofas covered with a sheet or some other kind of protective sofa cover – because kids and pets are guaranteed to leave messes of some kind on the furniture.

However, there are times when parts of the sofa cover can slip away which leaves the fabric exposed. Or, if there are no young kids and/or pets in the home then many people don’t cover their sofas at all. That means the fabric will get stained from accidents. However, if a spill of some kind does end up happening on your uncovered sofa or other upholstery, it is not the end of the world as long as it is taken care of immediately.

There are ways to make sure that the spill that happens on upholstery does not end up leaving a permanent stain. If you just wipe the spill with any rag, that will not necessarily help. In fact, depending on the kind of rag you use and how you clean it up- you may be worsening in the issue.

For instance, if you take a colored rag and/or rub the spill away, you are defeating the purpose. In fact, by using a colored rag to clean up spills will only make the dye bleed and stain your couch or upholstery even more. If you rub then you are also unintentionally causing the substance the settle into the fibers of the fabric which will turn into a permanent stain- which you do not want to do.

If you have done this and you have stains on your upholstery, you now know why. However, the good news is now you realize why and you can rectify this issue right away. But before you clean your furniture with anything, be sure to check the upholstery cleaning instructions.

If you end up with spills on your upholstery in the future, you must always take a white rag, and take a dish and mix it with soap and water. Dip the rag into the mixture and blot the spill up with the damp rag and never rub! By using a white rag or a white sponge, there are no dyes that can bleed through. If your furniture cannot be cleaned with water, use white vinegar instead. You can also use vinegar to clean old stains by blotting it up with a white rag because vinegar helps break down the stain particles.

After the stain or the spill has been cleaned with the white rag with either water/soap or vinegar, then take another white rag or white paper towel and blot up the damp areas to remove the water or vinegar and it will help speed up the drying process. If there is a stubborn stain you will have to clean the area several times before it comes out.

How you know how to keep your upholstery protected from stains and spills if they were to occur again!