Whenever you have brand new tile and grout installed, you will be admiring how clean and striking it appears. However, over time that pleasant appearance will become duller and well, not so nice because of the fact that your tile and grout will become dirty as time goes on.

It is a result of daily activities as well as the growth of mildew, and there are plenty of grout-cleaning products on the market that are available. However, many of them are toxic and not all that eco-friendly. In addition to the fact that they are not nearly as effective as they appear.

That only means you would have gone through the trouble of purchasing a potentially high-quality tile and grout cleaner from a hardware store like Home Depot- and to be left disappointed to see that your tile and grout still like grungy after spending a lot of time and energy scrubbing and scrubbing. You will most definitely be kicking yourself and wondering why on Earth you believed that this product would have really worked since you already know that removing dirt and mildew from tile and grout is a job that is close to impossible.

The good news is that there is a way to clean tile and grout without having to go through much trouble to do so. In fact, there are two ingredients that you probably have in your home that will remove that ugly grime, dirt, and mildew from your tile and grout. And this can also be done fairly quickly.

What are the two ingredients? Well, it is hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. That’s right. All you need to do is take a small dish and put 1 tablespoon of baking soda into the dish. Then you will need to take out the hydrogen peroxide and then add about 2 tablespoons of it to the baking soda in the dish. Mix both together until the solution has a pasty consistency.

Then, you must take out a toothbrush that you are only going to use for cleaning off the dirt from the tile and grout. Insert the toothbrush into the dish with the pasty combination of hydrogen peroxide and the baking soda together. And then what you will do is start scrubbing the tile and grout with this paste with the toothbrush and this will remove the stains.

After you have done the work and scrubbed the stains, be sure to take a rag and wet it but not too much. Because you will want to take the wet rag to wipe the paste away. But don’t add too much water to the rag because the water will cause mold to grow in the grout which will defeat the purpose.

However, that is all you need to do! There is no need to ever go out to buy tile and grout cleaner because you are just wasting your time and energy! The ingredients you need to do the job are already in your home.

You must also keep in mind that in order to give your tile and grout a proper and thorough cleaning you will need to hire a professional tile and grout cleaner. Yes, the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mix will keep the tile and grout clean enough in order to maintain it properly. However, you will need to have a professional cleaner to make it squeaky clean again like it was right after installation- which you should have done once a year.

Between maintaining your tile and grout in addition to having it professionally cleaned, your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and any other tiled area of your home will be fresh and spotless.