Hello, this is Michael with Clean N Fresh Carpet Cleaning and here are my 5 ways to maintain your carpets.

  • Vacuum your carpets often – especially high traffic areas. Dirt in your carpet is like sandpaper on your skin. Over time the dirt wears your carpet fibers away. Frequent vacuuming helps prevent the dirt from becoming embedded and destroying your carpet. Vacuum in both directions and make sure your vacuum is the correct height for your carpet.
  • It is a good practice to remove your shoes once you’ve entered your home. Shoes bring in dirt, germs, and other containment into your home. Removing your shows by a front door helps keeps these containment centralized. Also, the soles of your shoes can create friction from the constant walking, turning, jumping, and skipping on your carpet. This friction will eventual wear and damage your carpet.
  • Accidents are bound to happen. Try to clean spots and stains quickly. Don’t rub a stain, instead take a clean towel and blot it. Try to avoid using over the shelf chemicals on a stain. Spills that contain sugar, soda & juices will likely attract more dirt. The sugar will bound itself to your carpets creating a sticky surface around your carpet fibers that holds onto dirt. Rinse your spill with tap water and blot dry. Don’t over saturate the spill. For pet stains consider a pet enzyme cleaner. Avoid oxidizing cleaning products like Resolve or using baking soda and vinegar. You don’t want to accidentally make the stain worse by setting it or bleaching your carpet.
  • Hire a carpet professional every 6 – 18 months depending on how much traffic your carpet sees. This step is pretty straight forward but a lot of individuals go years before having their carpets professionally cleaned. Your carpets are the largest filter in your home, and just like the air filter in your vents, they need to be cleaned frequently. To help maintain a healthier living space, make sure to have your carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Have Clean N Fresh apply scotchgard protection to your carpet. When your carpet is brand new the manufacturer applies carpet protector. Over time that protective barrier begins to fade. Having Clean N Fresh re-apply carpet protector will help with protecting your carpet. Carpet protector creates a barrier around the carpet fibers preventing dirt from embedding into the fibers. Carpet protector also helps in resisting stains from spills or pet accidents.

When it’s time for your yearly carpet cleaning give Clean N Fresh a call to give your carpets the deep cleaning they deserve. Clean N Fresh also cleans, tile, upholstery, and hardwood floors.