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Did you know that marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones on Earth? Not to mention, it has a powerful and beautiful appearance. The last thing anyone wants to do is risk ruining the precious stone and the idea of marble floors being ruined is frightening to homeowners who have marble floors.

Unfortunately, marble can be easily ruined because it reacts chemically to any other substance that comes into contact or is exposed to whether it may be alkaline substances such as soap, vinegar or Mr. Clean, or acidic substances such as soda or orange juice. The reaction marble has when it comes into contact with these substances is called etching. Unfortunately, it is not easy to keep your marble floors completely clean. Spills containing acidic or alkaline substances will happen.

Your cleaning lady may accidentally spill some soap, or your children or guests may accidentally spill some pop on the marble floors. Your dog may urinate, and the nature of these accidents that can cause etching are endless.

Etching is the dull appearing and annoying stains on marble which appear like ring marks or dropplets, and they cannot be removed by using cleaning techniques that you would be familiar with. That also goes for marble that is found on bathroom vanities, islands and countertops.

In addition, marble is incredibly sensitive when it comes to scratches, and as a result, those scratches on marble floors are known as traffic lanes. Traffic lanes are a combination of deep and light scratches on the surface, and they usually are a result of pieces of rocks, debris, and other dirt coming into contact with the marble. Whenever we walk on it, it happens because we have debris and small rocks on the bottom of our shoes. As a result, the scratches on the floor accumulate, and create traffic lanes.

And no matter what you do to attempt to remove these traffic lanes and etching, you simply can’t! And that is where Clean N Fresh comes in! We use advanced techniques and we only use environmentally friendly products to not just professionally clean your marble floors, islands, countertops and bathroom vanities- and we make a promise to you because of our effective cleaning methods, you will have fresh looking marble in your home again. It will appear as if nothing had ever happened to it, and we will treat your marble with extreme care- we will treat it as if it is our own. If you need to have your marble cleaned and restored, give us a call today for a free quote.

Marble Floor Cleaning
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