In March 2017, we got a call out to one of the local restaurants to see if we could help them clean their rugs. Being a busy restaurant in Long Island, it’s natural for the rug to collect dust and grime from the numerous patrons coming in and out of the restaurant. Over time, the rug started to lose its luster and it had an impact on the “look and feel” of the restaurant.

Not to mention, the dust, dirt, and grime were becoming embedded into the fibers of the rug, which created an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, as well as dust mites. Therefore, this restaurant that called us for help was not only concerned about the fact that the rug started to appear worn down, but the fact that it was dirty worried them too. And they were right to be concerned because restaurants need to have a clean environment. Having a rug with dirt and grime which had accumulated over time in the fibers was a source of an unhealthy environment for the restaurant. There is another point as to why they needed to have professionally cleaned.

The thing is, some of these rugs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For a local business, replacing these rugs is just too expensive. And changing one rug can actually impact the overall decor of the restaurant.

Opting to clean the rug is a much more viable option.

Video: Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Restaurant

In the video, you will see the guys from Clean N Fresh cleaning the rug. As the video progresses, you start to see the rug regain the color that was lost and it actually starts to look like new again. Skip to 15 seconds if you want to see the drastic change.

If you own a rug and you are based in Long Island in New York, why don’t you get in touch with Clean N Fresh to see how we can help you.