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Quality service of Carpet Cleaning in Babylon, NY

Looking for the quality service of carpet cleaning in Babylon, NY? If yes, then ensure the company is IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified. This will provide a guarantee that you are getting thorough cleaning by a company that is licensed and trained in industry standard cleaning services. We, at Clean N Fresh, are the IICRC certified cleaning company for many years. This makes us a trusted choice for all your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Our carpet cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection, vacuuming, pre-spraying, spot removing, scrubbing, extraction, deodorizing, neutralizing, and ends with carpet grooming. Throughout our carpet cleaning process, we pay attention to every detail while providing satisfactory customer service. We use eco-friendly carpet cleaners and the latest equipment to revive your dirty carpet areas. Apart from offering carpet cleaning in Babylon, NY, we also provide other cleaning services.

Our Other Professionally Cleaning Services Include

1. Hardwood Floor Cleaning Babylon

To extend the longevity of your hardwood floor, it is important to opt for a professional deep cleaning service. At Clean N Fresh, we aim to provide you quality hardwood floor cleaning in Babylon, NY. No matter how dirty or dull is your wood floor area, our team of professionals assures to get back that shine of your flooring.

Our cleaning process starts with identifying the finish type or sealant used, which is followed by thorough cleaning and mopping. After that, buffing, waxing and polishing is done to remove stains and end with deep cleaning. Also, we provide specialized treatment to treat issues like discoloration or penetrating scratches. Offering beautifully cleaned wood floors and competitive pricing is what makes us a leading hardwood floor cleaning company.

2. Tile and Grout Cleaning Babylon NY

Often tile and grout are known to be the low maintenance choice for your flooring. But even they need to be professionally cleaned to maintain its original luster. We are a trustworthy cleaning company aim to provide quality tile and grout cleaning in Babylon, NY. No matter how deeply set stains or oil particles, we remove it all providing sparkling clean tile flooring.

Our tile and grout cleaning process includes effective cleaners to de-grease heavily soiled areas, buffers, and bonnets to loosen and lift particles. Also, we use specialized equipment, abrasive methods, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to eliminate particles which cannot be seen through naked eyes. As a result, you will get healthy and fresh tile flooring.

3. Upholstery Cleaning Babylon NY

Looking for quality upholstery cleaning in Babylon, NY? Clean N Fresh is your ultimate choice for providing satisfactory furniture cleaning results. Using non-toxic plus gentle cleaning solutions paired with advanced equipment, we ensure to bring your upholstered furniture back to life. Whether your furniture is of synthetic fabrics, wool, cotton, velvet, velour or pester, our cleaning process delivers its true brightness and color.

We provide a cleaning service to both our residential and commercial clients. You need to professionally clean your upholstery once a year as per your need to prevent bacterias from causing odors. Also, it helps you to increase the lifespan of your furniture. Opt for our cleaning service and get back that beautiful appeal of your furniture.

4. Area Rug Cleaning Babylon

Every rug is crafted beautifully with organic dyes according to your need and culture. Thus, maintenance of area rug is very important to preserve the appeal and value of your property. We can help you maintain the beauty of your rug providing quality area rug cleaning in Babylon, NY. While cleaning area rug, we ensure to maintain the integrity of the dyes and pattern.

Whether it is Indian, Oriental, Pakistani or any handmade and woolen rugs, we help you deep clean it all without causing any damage. With us, your daily work schedule is not disturbed as we pick-up and deliver your rugs for free of charge. Hire our area rug cleaning service and have a peace of mind knowing that your rug is safe from issues like discoloration or shrinkage.

5. Marble Floor Cleaning Babylon

Natural stone like marble is a great addition to your property. But, cleaning marble flooring is a time-consuming process. As it is porous and can be stained easily, you need to professionally clean your marble flooring. We have a team of cleaners dedicated to providing the best service of marble floor cleaning in Babylon, NY and nearby areas.

Over the years, we have been cleaning and polishing the marble floor and know exactly how stains can be eliminated with ease. Also, we remove deeply set dirt and grease from your marble flooring, while refreshing its beauty. Using the chemical-free cleaning solutions and advanced equipment, we help you with cleaning marble floors, islands, countertops and bathroom vanities.

6. Mattress Cleaning Babylon

Do you know that there are approximately 400 dust mites for every gram of dust? Pillows and mattresses are the home for these dust mites, which can cause you allergies and other health issues. Here hiring our professional service of mattress cleaning in Babylon, NY is the wise decision. We help you get rid of these dust mites and their fecal matter i.e. dead skin and hair from your mattress.

Our thorough cleaning process also ensures to eliminate stains and odors. The process starts with vacuuming, pre-treating stains, steam cleaning, sanitize and rinse the mattress. Also, we provide additional treatment after the cleaning process to prevent future stains. So, hire our cleaning service and to get a fresh and clean mattress.

7. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Babylon

At Clean N Fresh, we understand that the way your office or any other commercial facility look is directly proportional to success. Damaged or stained carpets can ruin the overall appearance of your commercial facility. We provide you quality service of commercial carpet cleaning in Babylon, NY and nearby areas. Using the same eco-friendly cleaning solution and advanced equipment as in residential carpet cleaning, we also assure to deep clean your office carpeted areas.

Having many years of experience in the cleaning industry, we take pride in ourselves for providing quality hospitality and restaurant carpet cleaning. Our team of professionals uses the best carpet steam cleaner to get rid of all the hard stains and dust pollutants from your carpet. Besides cleaning commercial carpet areas, we also help you clean fabric panels/cubical fabric. For immediate commercial carpet cleaning in Babylon, NY, we are your helping hand.

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