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Are you the one having dull and dirty carpets ruining overall property ambiance? It is the correct time to opt for a professional carpet cleaning service. This will not only help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property but also save money on future carpet replacement or repairs. If you are in search of the best provider offering carpet cleaning in Hempstead NY, then Clean N Fresh is the ultimate destination.

Over the years, we have gained an appreciation and maintain a reputation in the cleaning industry by providing quality cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning process covers all from thorough inspection, vacuuming, deep cleaning, rinsing, deodorizing, neutralizing to fast drying. Through our carpet cleaning process, we make sure you get quality cleaning result with 100% satisfaction. You can rely on our service of carpet cleaning Hempstead NY to restore the original beauty of carpeted areas.

Increase Your Property Value With Our Cleaning Services

1. Upholstery Cleaning

Vacuuming alone is not enough to clean your furniture, lift chair, sofa cushions or any other upholstery. You need the professional touch and care to keep up the beauty of your upholstered furniture. Get in touch with our team of professionals to deep clean your upholstery. We provide quality upholstery cleaning in Hempstead NY and nearby areas to service car upholstery, mattresses, and seating of all types – from wool to polyester.

Our upholstery cleaners are well-trained, educated, and internationally certified by the IICRC. They are able to clean any type of stain, spill, and dust contaminants from the upholstery. Using green cleaning solutions and latest equipment, we ensure to revive your upholstered furniture to suit your budget. Opt for our cleaning service and add more years to your upholstered furniture.

2. Area Rug Cleaning

When was the last time you clean your area rug? If the answer is more than a year, then it is the matter to worry. Whether you have Indian, Oriental, Pakistani or any handmade and woolen rug, we help you deep clean it. We provide quality service of area rug cleaning in Hempstead NY to protect your valuable investment. Clients trust us because we provide complete transparency throughout our cleaning process.

In our area rug cleaning process we pay attention to every detail and provide utmost care while deep cleaning it. We back our cleaning service with a promise to provide 100% customer satisfaction. With us, you will also get a 30-day guarantee on cleaning services to cover sudden accidents. So, to beautify your property for years have a fresh and clean area rug with our cleaning service.

3. Hardwood Floor cleaning

Hardwood flooring is always been the best alternative for the tile or carpet. It gets better with age just like wine. Cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors will add more years to its life. We, at Clean N Fresh, provides you with the best hardwood floor cleaning in Hempstead, NY. Using the top standard cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products, we ensure to eliminate all kinds of stains.

Our skilled and professional team of cleaners provides you the cash saving solutions to save you both time and money. We help you restore the shiny look of your hardwood flooring removing spills, pet dander, and other impurities. Our cleaning process involves stripping, scrubbing, and refinishing of your wood flooring. To provide satisfactory customer service is our priority. So, if you want to get quality result plus value for money, then we are your helping hand.

4. Mattress Cleaning

Is your grimy and mucky mattress is responsible for poor sleep quality? This is because the accumulation of dust mites and other pollutants makes the mattress dirty and the home for many risky health diseases. With our mattress cleaning service, you are able to remove all these impurities and stains. We guarantee that you will get the best cleaning services at affordable pricing in Hempstead, NY and surrounding areas.

Our process of mattress cleaning starts applying the solution to eliminate all the dust mites and bacteria. Using the high powered vacuum, we are able to trap 99.97% of the impurities from your mattress. After that, we sterilize the mattress with a powerful disinfectant. We make sure to keep your property away from harsh chemicals. Get in touch with us today to get good night sleep.

5. Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet is not enough to improve your overall commercial facility. You need restoration which makes it as new as possible. That’s where Clean N Fresh stands out providing quality commercial carpet cleaning in Hempstead, NY. With us, your office carpets look new and fresh while eliminating all the stains and dust impurities. Using industry-leading equipment we are able to achieve satisfactory cleaning results.

Commercial carpets need extra care and attention and our team of cleaners provide you the same. From inspecting, cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing to drying, our cleaning process covers all. Making your commercial facility clean and hygienic is what we aim for years. We put customer satisfaction at priority thus provides you the quality commercial cleaning service at affordable rates.

6. Marble Floor Cleaning

Having marble flooring in your residential or commercial property adds the value to overall property appearance. But it is also true that marble ruins easily as it reacts chemically to any other alkaline substance such as soap or vinegar. So, it requires skill and experience to deal with marble floor cleaning. At Clean N Fresh, we provide outstanding cleaning service that matches your budget and expectations.

Everything from marble floors, islands, countertops to bathroom vanities we deep clean it all restoring its shiny look. Our team of cleaners uses the advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove all the contaminants from your marble flooring. Therefore, do not wait too long and book our service of marble floor cleaning in Hempstead, NY and nearby areas.

7. Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile flooring is the most popular and versatile element in your bathroom walls, in shower stalls, or for kitchen backsplashes. Therefore, you should take extreme care and maintain your tile floors by adding to your cleaning schedule. No matter how hard scrub you do, it will not remove deep down stains and grease. Here Clean N Fresh is the rescue for all your tile cleaning needs.

Being the IICRC certified cleaners, we provide quality tile and grout cleaning in Hempstead, NY. We help you bring back that shine and luster of your tile flooring. Using the high-pressure equipment and steam cleaning technique, we loosen up the dirt and embedded debris. After that, all the remaining debris and dirt are clear with no moisture on or under the tiles.

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