When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, it isn’t rocket science. You just need some water, cleaning solution, some machines and you are good to start, isn’t?

Actually Not! Take some time and think for a minute. Carpets are expensive and added expense to that are the padding and installation charges. You’ll realize that your office carpet is a huge investment. Hence it becomes important that the carpet prolongs as much as possible. It is only possible when you use the right commercial carpet cleaning tips, products, and process. 

Commercial Carpet
If the carpet cleaning team at your office uses the wrong practice to clean your commercial carpets, there are various issues your carpet can run into. Here are the top four mistakes usually made during carpet Cleaning.

4 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Over-Saturating The Carpet

Over-wetting the carpet is the most common problem faced while cleaning carpets. This problem usually happens when the machine is not efficient for the suction of the moisture. If the carpet is left sopping wet for more than 24 hours, the carpet will start to buckle and wrinkle. 

Additionally, this can also lead to mold growth. Mold growth can cause major health issues for the people working in the affected area. Using steam carpet is one of the best commercial carpet cleaning tips. Steam cleaning can make your carpet dry faster and it also considered as the ideal cleaning method in commercial areas due to frequent foot traffic. To bypass all these scenarios, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional team on a contract basis. 

Carpet Gets soiled More Quickly

There are various different situations that can cause your office carpet to attract dirt faster, but they both come down to the same problem: not rinsing the cleaning solution out of the carpet. The cleaning solution that’s left behind is tacky and attracts dirt and pollution from shoes and the air. Hence make sure that the carpets are cleaned and rinsed properly after the solution is applied. 

The Carpet Fibers Get Ruined 

There are three reasons that can result in fuzzing, matting and the wearing of your carpet fiber. 

  1. When the cleaner fails to eliminate the soil from the carpet. If dirt is not removed it off the carpet, it has the same effect as sandpaper as it gets walked on. This will eventually break down the fibers. 
  2. Using wrong cleaning tools as per the carpet type. For instance, a heavy shampooing machine will wreak havoc on the looped carpet. The fibers will untwist and the texture will be irreparably damaged. 
  3. Using wrong cleaning solutions. This usually happens with a technician who hasn’t received the proper training. This leads to serious damage to your office carpets.

The experts and manufacturers know the importance of professional carpet cleaning team.  That’s the reason they always suggest hiring a professional team for cleaning. 

Discoloration of Carpet Fibers

Carpet discoloration usually happens when people try to perform wrong DIY tips from the internet. The store-bought cleaning solution is also a contributor to discoloration. As they have bleaching agents, they bleach the carpet as applied instantly. So make sure you check the fabric type and relevant cleaning solution. Moreover, do a patch test before you use it.

Do Your Homework

Do proper research to get certified and experienced professional to handle your commercial cleaning needs. This will not only help you in saving time, money but also to extend the life of your carpet investment. 

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