You are a business owner that is concerned about keeping the office clean and presentable to clients that visit often. Not to mention, you want to make sure that the working environment is clean for you and your employees. This way, your employees will not have to miss many days of work due to illness, and the same goes for you!

The one thing in your office that will make all of the difference in the world as far as its effect on the entire work environment is the carpet. If your carpet at your office is not clean, then not only will the entire office appear to be dingy and dirty, but it will smell, and will cause a lot of respiratory ailments to happen which will cause more absenteeism. However, the good news is that there are simple tips to utilize when it comes to keeping your office carpet clean. Let’s look at those right now.

1. Vacuum at least once a week. You will need a powerful vacuum cleaner to use at least once a week so any surface dirt can be removed quickly, And be sure to change the bag often so that dust and dirt do not come out of it while you are vacuuming. That would defeat the purpose. And, you will not only want to have a vacuum that is powerful but one that is up-to-date. Remember that there is a lot of foot traffic, and employees and customers will bring in dirt from the outside. Therefore the carpets need to be vacuumed often.

2. Clean spills immediately, and prepare yourself for it. The fact of the matter is, customers and your employees will accidentally spill things on the carpet such as coffee. So you want to be prepared for this possibility. This means to have white vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing detergent, spray bottles, and white rags on hand. You will want to keep a mixing bowl as well. Keep them in the office kitchen. If a spill happens, you won’t want to wait for it to settle and that it turns into a stain.

Be sure to get into the kitchen and get the bowl, and fill it up with warm water and put one tablespoon of white vinegar or dishwashing detergent. Mix it up and put it into the spray bottle. Get out the white rag and spray on the area where the spill happened. Use the white rag to blot the area until it is clean. Always use a white rag because colored rags will stain the area with dye and never rub. Rubbing will cause the stain to settle more. You can then sprinkle baking soda on the area so the carpet is deodorized in that area and the rest of the stain is extracted. Leave it there for 15 minutes, then vacuum up the baking soda. The stain should be gone. If not, rinse and repeat.

3. Hire a reputable carpet cleaning company. You have to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least once a year at your business. Vacuuming will not remove the embedded dirt in the fibers that a professional carpet cleaner does. Your carpet will last longer and your working environment will be cleaner. Go to a reputable company that is affordable but not cheap. Cheap means they are cutting corners.

If you vacuum regularly, take care of stains immediately and have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year at your business, you will be in a clean and fresh working environment and won’t have to replace your carpet so quickly!