Many homeowners prefer to add carpeting to their stairs because not only does it add warmth and texture to the steps, but it is much safer to have carpeted stairs than the alternative. Especially if there are young kids in the home. Since carpeted stairs can become dirty quite easily due to foot traffic, especially if people going up and down the stairs while wearing shoes or while they are in their bare feet- keeping it clean can become a frustrating ordeal.

This frustration leads to many homeowners placing plastic runners on the steps, but that is not a solution to keeping the carpet clean either. Not to mention, kids can also slip on this, which defeats the purpose when it comes to safety. That being said, if you come up with a plan to maintain your carpeted steps, you will not need to worry about plastic runners. Here are tips on keeping your carpeted steps clean.

Use a Powerful Vacuum

Even though vacuuming removes surface dirt but does not remove dirt that has already been settled into the fibers, it is important to keep up with the vacuuming anyway because it does take any dirt on the surface away. That also prevents any dirt and grime from settling deep into the carpet fibers. Make sure that you have a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs since so much dirt, grime and dust collect on the steps.

You will also want to use a brush or roller attachment in order to make the cleaning process more effective as well, and if you vacuum your carpeted stairs several times a week- you will be maintaining it well and increasing the longevity of the carpet as well.

Use a Stiff Broom

Many people really don’t want to lug around a vacuum cleaner and end up using a stiff broom to clean their carpeted steps. Cleaning the carpet with a stiff broom will temporarily help, however, in order to clean more effectively, you really do need to vacuum. If you want to clean with a broom, you will need to do this daily in order to properly maintain the carpeted staircase.

Hire a Professional Steam Carpet Cleaner

Even if you vacuum 3 times a week, eventually you will need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to steam clean your carpeted staircase. Remember that vacuuming does not remove the dirt that has been settled into the fibers. However, a steam cleaning service will remove every bit of dirt, dust, and grime that has been sitting deep inside of your carpet. In order to keep your carpet around as long as you can, you must have it professionally cleaned once a year, and if you have kids, every 6 months is more ideal.

That said, it will take a lot of work in order to keep your carpeted staircase clean. You will need to commit to vacuuming several times a week in order to maintain it properly. Or if you don’t want to vacuum, you can clean it with a stiff broom more often. Eventually, though, your carpeted staircase will need to be professionally cleaned in order to help keep your home environment clean and increase the longevity of the carpet.