The cleaning market is huge. You will observe cleaning products, methods and even get advice from many professionals about carpet cleaning service. But when there are multiple sources providing the cleaning guidelines, it often creates a big confusion where each advice contradicts.

If you have experienced the same situation, then it becomes necessary you get the facts straight. Here we have provided top carpet cleaning myths and facts that will be useful for you to make the informed decision.

Myth: New Carpets Do No Require Any Cleaning

Fact: You must have heard from relatives or some friends that the carpet doesn’t require cleaning if it is new. But the fact is, over time the carpet gets dirty even if the soil is not visible to your eye. Dust contaminants get accumulated deep down in the carpet fiber. So, remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner or hiring professional carpet cleaners.

Myth: Carpet Will Shrink After Cleaning

Fact: This is not the actual truth, as the carpet will only shrink if it is not dry properly. From cleaning to a drying process, be alert and give proper time to dry the carpet. If you are a newbie in carpet cleaning, then hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is a smart decision. They will ensure your carpet dries correctly.

Myth: Store-Bought Products Can Keep Carpet Fresh

Fact: Most of the carpet cleaners available at the stores contain talcum powder. This powder gets into your carpet fiber when you use them during cleaning. It becomes very difficult to remove it even with a vacuum cleaner. Also, the risk of carpet damage might increase if the powder is exposed to water. As a result, it cost you for carpet replacement. So, go for a cleaning expert who uses eco-friendly carpet cleaning machines and products.

Myth: Carpet Cleaning is Not Required After a Flood

Fact: When a natural disaster like a flood occurs, only cleaning up the water is not enough. This is because mold and mildew begin to grow within 48 to 72 hours if you do not clean the carpets. It is important to use special equipment and solutions to restore your property after flood damage. Here, only the professionals can help you to provide the best carpet cleaning solutions.

Looking for Quality Carpet Cleaning Near Me?

To make better choices for carpet cleaning, it is important to be well-informed. Consider the above facts to solve all your confusion on carpet cleaning. To get more tips, tricks, and ideas about cleaning carpet, Clean N Fresh Carpet Cleaning is your ultimate destination. Over the years, we have been serving carpet cleaning service to our residential and commercial clients in Copiague and nearby areas of New York. To book your upcoming cleaning appointment, contact us at 516-669-2510.