Upholstery Cleaning

Our Process

Our expert team will not fail you when it comes to cleaning your most valuable pieces of furniture in your home. We have encountered almost every scenario possible and are prepared for anything in the upholstery world.


Step 1 | Inspection

Our team identifies the type  of fabric that needs to be cleaned. Some fabrics require special care when it comes to cleaning.


Step 2 | Vacuum

With our commercial vacuum, we thoroughly remove all loose dirt, debris and dust.


Step 3 | Apply Cleaner

We properly dilute our cleaning agent and apply it evenly across the suface that will be cleaned.


Step 4 | Agitation

For this part of our process, we use a hand brush and carefully agitate the cleaning product to help loosen the stains and embedded grease/oil.


Step 5 | Extraction

We attach our upholstery tool to our truck mount and begin to rinse with hot water. At the same time we extract the the stains and dirt.


Step 6 | Drying

Your upholstery can take anywhere from 1-4 hours to dry depending on how dirty it was. We use industrial air movers to speed up this process.


Step 7 | Final Inspection

Once the job has finished, we will accompany you to review our work. This is the time to ask any questions you may have and to ensure you are satisifed with our work.

Before & After

Our Prices

Minimum Price: $150
Includes Fabric Protector

Sectional w/Chaise


Sectional L-Shaped


Sofa (3 Cushion)


Love Seat (2 Cushion)


Chaise Lounge




Arm Chair




Dining Chair Full


Dining Chair Seat


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