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At Clean N Fresh, awesome professional upholstery cleaning service is all in a day’s work. If your furniture looks tired, dirty and just plain unwelcoming, we can wow you with our amazing cleaning work and equally fantastic customer service. Our company is driven by thorough cleaning service and an intense drive to make our customers feel good. Customers that we have helped in the past are incredibly happy with the results we have given them!

We use high-tech equipment to give our clients the best upholstery cleaning work the world has to offer. If the easy chair in your den makes you cringe with its countless old stains and generally lackluster vibe, we can reverse the unpleasant reality for you. Our attitude toward upholstery cleaning is in-depth, attentive and scrupulous. We treat your furniture as if it was our own! That has to give out a poweful message, right there!

Clean N Fresh has a talented crew that’s trained and experienced in quality upholstery cleaning work. When we send technicians to handle upholstery cleaning jobs, our clients can fully put their trust in them. They’re upholstery cleaning experts and they make that obvious with the great services they always provide. They will professionally clean your upholstery with care.

Clean N Fresh utilizes first class cleaning products and cleaning tools that are 100 percent safe and dependable. We have no interest in cleaning products that are harsh and just plain aggressive. That will defeat the purpose. Instead, we’re interested in always keeping our customers comfortable, safe and smiling.If you don’t want to waste a second more of your time sitting on a couch that looks dirty and tired, Clean N Fresh is a superb cleaning business for your needs. Our upholstery cleaning work is unsurpassed. As far as great customer service goes, we have no competition, either.

Clean N Fresh provides high-quality upholstery cleaning. We will remove stains, heavy soils and harmful amount of dust from your upholstery. We use a specialty cleaning process for delicate fabrics, which includes applying sanitizer, odor neutralizer and fiber guard to disinfect, freshen and protect your upholstery. We perform a standard color and fiber test before each cleaning in order to optimize the cleaning process. That is while we protect your upholstery, completely rejuvenate it.

Professional Steam Upholstery Cleaning

Professional steam upholstery cleaners from Copiague, NY offering their services in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.
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