Nothing ruins the look of your kitchen or bathroom than a dirty tile and grout. This budget-friendly recipe of cleaning grout lines will definitely provide all your answers on what is the best homemade tile grout cleaner?

The need for Natural Tile and Grout Cleaner

It doesn’t matter how well-maintained you keep your kitchen or bathroom, it will look dingy if they have dirty grout lines or entire tile flooring. During this scenario, if you are looking to purchase the best grout cleaner from the market, then consider this.

Mix the homemade grout cleaner well which is less expensive and less toxic compared to other store-bought variety. It is created using the ingredients available at your home. But, how to prepare natural tile and grout cleaner? Get started by wearing protective gloves and you are ready to make the cleaner in less than 10 minutes.

Here are the handy homemade grout cleaner ideas which will help you revive the original look of your dirty tile and grout lines.

Materials and Equipment You Need:


Before starting the preparation for homemade tile grout cleaner, it is advisable to wear the protective gloves for safety purpose. Especially, whenever you are working with hydrogen peroxide, just be cautious. This is because it can sting if it gets in any of your cuts. Also, ensure not to splash any in your eyes and if it does, then rinse immediately.

tile cleaning with gloves


Take the small squeeze-top container and add a ½ cup of baking soda in it. Mix it with a ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide. In this, the baking soda will help you eliminate hard stains and hard water accumulation. While, the hydrogen peroxide cleans and brightens your tile and grout, eliminating all the residue and issue of discolorations.

baking soda and hydrogen peroxide


Now, add 1 tsp of liquid dish soap into the mixture. Shake the solution well and ensure that all elements in your homemade grout cleaner are mixed well.


Apply the homemade grout cleaner into the lines of any areas in your tile flooring which needs a good scrubbing. Let the mixture settle down for 10 minutes so it works on the stain effectively. Wipe the cleaner off with a sponge or paper towel. Rinse the tile floor with water and repeat the process until you get satisfactory cleaning result.

homemade grout cleaner - before - after

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